If I had a car that was worthy, I know exactly which personalised number-plate I would like: ‘CQ’. It’s kind of like a song from Rich Mullins and another from Lauren Daigle where they sing about seeking God and when sung ‘seek’ and ‘you’ merge in a peculiar construction that sounds like CQ.

Rich Mullins sings a song called ‘Sometimes by step’ which describes his experience of following God, which as the title suggests is step by single step. I’m reminded of the verses from Psalm 119 that Amy Grant made famous:


  • Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
  • and a light for my path.


In age like ours when we have access to drones, satellite imagery, Google Maps et cetera to get the bigger picture, God’s insistent prerogative is that we see only what we need to see, with Scripture and his guiding us sufficient to give us direction step by step. It means we have to trust in Him all the more and my nature resists that. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

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