Why do the nations rage?

So, I finally got onto Twitter because instead of going looking for the news, you can tailor make it so that various specific feeds from other Twitter users come to you. Of course the danger is that you can construct an echo chamber that reinforces your prejudices and you’ll never learn anything new, but in addition to political pundits like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham (as well as the inimitable Donald J. Trump), I follow John Piper and Franklin Graham.


Politics may defined as the exercise of power and there are those whose slant on it is intelligent and thoughtful (at least in my opinion), but it’s also good to be reminded of the One who holds all power in His hands, and how he wants us to live. That’s where John Piper and Franklin Graham come in.


On 8 December 2016, John Piper tweeted about Micah 5:15: “I will take vengeance in anger and wrath on the nations that have not obeyed me” (NIV)


Piper added, ‘All the nations know at a deep level. They know.’ Well, if people know on an individual level that they will have to settle accounts with a Holy God someday then so do nations. And the stuff that nations pull sometimes is breathtaking in its chutzpah.


It’s not difficult to see if you look around…the failure of the large powerful countries (think the nations in the UN security council) to settle matters in Syria or keep the ambitions of the Tehran Mullahs in check, or worry about human rights in Saudi, or call for the Chinese to ease off on persecution of Christians.


Psalm 2 explores this idea, that the nations are not exactly in God’s corner and that they can’t touch God in heaven so they take it out on his people, the Jews and Christians. Rich Mullins does a great job of tapping into the core of this Psalm and puts it to a song with profound lyrics



It’s not easy to find a righteous political leader and even if we dial down our expectations and merely look for a wise political leader the pickin’s are rather slim. Some of the worst, even in the West, like Frau Merkel (who should know better as the daughter of a pastor) or the Canadian Trudeau, or the Gallic Hollande who can match a Napoleonic height restriction, show a profound lack of wisdom, especially Godly wisdom.


Obama has been a terrible president for Christians and for those who seek righteousness. Time will tell about Trump.


It is a good for a nation to have the Lord as their God. My hope is that America would once again honour the Lord, and that he would bless them (and for Israel too) and that other countries could follow such a template.


The nations of the world will find that their arms are too short to box with God, so it’s better to be in His corner.

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