The year that was April

I’ve stopped counting the days in the lockdown. It was fun for 3 weeks but then it just got ridiculous. The novelty wore off.

Another numberless morning

Anecdotally, I’ve seen more South African flags on display: on a table in a living room when driving past, on a flag pole three doors down from us. Presumably, people are seeing themselves as part of something bigger, a national effort to pull in one direction and be good citizens.

Braai without fresh rugby is sad

Personally, I think the national honeymoon is about at an end. It was never going to last longer than a month. As someone who has a libertarian orientation when it comes to civil rights, it’s been difficult to read about some of the things going on.

‘Tjop’ with no ‘dop’

There’s been a basic struggle going on in the street that has nothing to do with us human beings. Crows versus squirrels. The collective noun for squirrels is apparently a dray or a colony, or alternatively a scurry.

Scrat on the lookout for yet more pecan nuts

I like that. It’s been a scurry of squirrels versus a murder of crows. Moves and countermoves. The squirrels have been thorough in  collecting the pecan nuts from the tree next door and avoiding the crows. The crows got one of them this past fortnight (or week; I’m not sure as I’ve totally lost track of the accurate passage of time). They ate up the kill really fast.


At least two are left that we’ve been able to count: one with a truncated tail we call ‘Stumpy’ and another I call ‘Scrat’.


Social media (Twitter) is a dumpster fire of emotion and vitriol and you can see where people’s heads are at. It’s not pretty but at times perversely entertaining. We are not in our right minds.

Something something electrons

It feels strange not to get in the vehicle and go to work or church. I actually started a Bible study on YouVersion one morning recently, and it actually felt like an occasion. My normal day is work, leisure screen time, eating and sleeping; doing things to pass the time but without real enjoyment.

Lekker slaai


Daily bread

I need to get stuck into that Bible study again. I’ll tell you about it sometime. I have the time but the motivation is still in first gear.

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