The pearl revisited

I published a post last month about the Kingdom of heaven as described by Christ in parables. I must confess to being unsure how to interpret the parable and had never really heard a sermon about it and my research into commentaries presented two possibilities.


And it just so happened that at the opening of Durbanville Community Church, Bishop Frank Retief preached a sermon about the pearl of great price and the treasure in the field.


And it’s much easier to lay hold of a parable when it is explained by someone who is trained in exegesis and homiletics – which sadly to say – I am not.


As Bishop Retief explains it, the pearl of great price and the treasure – two companion and complimentary parables – are the gospel. Where the man finds the treasure in a field, he finds the gospel by accident and where the merchant finds the pearl he finds it on purpose because he has been searching for it.


We who have found Christ have found him because we either stumbled onto the gospel by accident or we were searching for Him and knew He was what we were searching for when we found Him.


We are poverty-stricken, spiritually, until we find the pearl of great price. It is worth the whole world, and all our souls.

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