The initiative

On a recent Sunday in May, as a church family we took part in communion.


A New Believer was sitting in the front row, the intricacies and practicalities of being a Christian still unfamiliar to her. She had not yet taken part in communion and when we were about to go to the table, she hesitated and stayed seated.


One of the ladies in the church, a mature Believer didn’t let her just sit there, but took her by the hands, encouraged her and went with her to the table. For the first time then, she had communion, united in fellowship with Christ and her fellow Christians.


It was a very cool thing to see, and having seen it, I saw a picture of myself.


Not knowing what to do.


Having no initiative.


What I saw played out with this new Christian reminded me that my Saviour bore his wounds for me, personally.


That he went to the cross for me, personally.


That when I was lost in my sins, he approached me, personally and took me by the hand to the table.


I can’t literally remember when I took part in communion for the first time, but I do remember that there was a time when a preacher delivering a sermon and making an appeal for me was like the very voice of God speaking to me, personally.


This is the difference between an intellectual position on God and a personal one.


He takes the initiative and all we have to do is respond.

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