The Ides of March

On the Ides of March in 44 BC, Julius Caesar apparently had an encounter with the seer who had earlier warned him about the date.

Caesar basically said: okay, the date you warned me about is here, and I’m still around. To which the seer basically replied: the day’s not over yet, buddy.

History records that Caesar was assassinated by being stabbed in the back at a meeting of the Roman senate.

History goes on to record that the assassination of Caesar set in motion a chain of events that transformed the Roman Republic (with a democratic structure) into a Roman Empire (ruled over by a single potentate). A turning point.

I can hear Emperor Palpatine cackling. For all I know, George Lucas was inspired in part by this period of Roman history and used it as an homage for the Sith to rise to power.

Politics is the exercise as power, and as Von Clausewitz once said: ‘War is a continuation of politics by other means’.

I’m not a seer, I don’t subscribe to the idea of omens and superstitions like the Romans. But I’m uncomfortable with how the world seems to have changed since 2020, like a turning point has been reached with the way power is being leveraged.

And here we are in 2022, and Russian troops are in Ukraine and the year isn’t over yet and who except God knows where the dogs of war are going to be unleashed next.

Like Gracie Lou Freebush, ‘I really do want world peace’.

I like how Revelation has the tree of life (last seen in Eden) in the middle of the city-to-come:

The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.  I’m sure the meaning is not strictly about world peace. Still, the mind goes immediately to global tensions: India and Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, Russia and Ukraine. I also think of racial and ethnic tensions: Hutu and Tutsi, black and white. There are also new ways of dividing people: Vaccinated and unvaccinated.

I see the tree of life, and I try to imagine a life without politics, without people trying to manipulate and leverage, using language, then threats, then violence and ultimately war.

Probably not anytime soon. But one day, in the New Jerusalem.

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