The Hypocritical oath

I like the author of this piece from the Christian Post, framing human nature in a bi-partisan fashion, and the Christian response:

The Hippocratic oath taken by physicians is to first do no harm and always think of the welfare of the patient.

The Hypocritical oath taken by human beings is to first fib and always think of ways to avoid being caught out. We could call this Weinstein’s law, taking into account the reports of this week in the press, but that would be unkind. Weinstein – or any common hypocrite – is no worse than any of us at our most fallible.

Unbelievers love to swarm around Christians caught in sin like bees to lemonade on a picnic blanket in a park, or like flies to the unsavoury remnants left on a stinking hot day by your pet beagle Rusty just past the back stoop.

Weinstein’s film endeavours are probably at an end…was good while it lasted and all that. The exception for the Believer is that despite our public peccadillos, maudlin me-culpas and odious confessions to the Father’s ear, anything that He has begun in us is as yet unfinished.

And he will finish what He started. We may sabotage our own endeavours, but we are not talented enough to derail His plans and purposes.

I like the lyrics from MercyMe’s song: ‘Finish what he started’:

It would be disingenuous to pretend that with me, what you see is what you get. We are all constantly functioning as our own public relations company. And I’m glad my failings are not public like those of Weinstein, or hundreds of disgraced popular figures. Although I’m embarrassed at the selfishness on display for my Audience of One, I’m relieved that He has seen my every failing – past, present and future – with the lens of grace.

Tomorrow, you or I could be the difference for someone between life and death, salvation or the absence of it. Just think, perhaps the soul of Harvey Weinstein – and the saving of it – is in the hands of God, who has put a Christian in place to minsiter to him.

In every situation we should think of grace: its availability for us, and others.

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