The gospel according to Isaiah

I used to attend a Bible Study with a rock star for a leader. Malcolm was so deep and knowledgeable about Scripture and I could only hope to be like him one day in that respect.


In the spirit of advent, and to get into the meaning of Christmas in a deliberate way, and also to forego any hint of the overused Boney M at Christmas time, I was listening to the Chris Tomlin Christmas album.


And right there I was listening to the following song and I realised that it was quoting my generally favourite book of the Bible, Isaiah.

And right there in Isaiah 9 is the gospel:


  • A child born and a son given (Christ in a manger);
  • With the government on his shoulders (with all authority);
  • Wonderful Counselor (a term for the Holy Spirit);
  • Mighty God;
  • Everlasting Father (Spirit, and now Father);
  • Prince of Peace (Spirit, Father, and Son as well, also “a son given” earlier in the passage);
  • Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end (a worldly kingdom would end and would not be predicated on peace; this is the Kingdom of Christ and of God);
  • On David’s throne (born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, resurrected there too).


In this one passage we have Christmas and the mystery of the trinity. Isaiah rocks! And goes to show that knowing stuff about Scripture can give you the goose flesh, like it does for me.

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