Priestly blessing

So, I woke up one Saturday morning and not another creature was stirring, not even a mouse. And your average domestic spider creeps around silently. It was just me, a fresh cup of coffee and my Bible, freshly glued back together by a professional after coming a bit unstuck along the seam at the back.


I could have resumed watching whatever DVD I was watching the night before (sometime it takes several night’s watching to finish a movie), or I could have scanned the news but I studied Scripture. And as far as I’m concerned that can never be wrong and trumps (not sure whether pun intended) anything else.


I had started in 1 Peter and on this morning was in the second chapter and Peter describes two types of people. Those who accept Christ as the living foundation cornerstone and those who do not.


I don’t have a theological degree or wear a dog-collar or have a mitre or Shepherd’s crook, but little old me, I’m a priest. Part of a huge priesthood. Not a professional in the least but a priest nonetheless.


And it’s simple; we only have to do four things:


  • Reflect the holiness of God
  • Offer spiritual sacrifices, like praise
  • Intercede for man before God
  • Represent God before man


I’m rather humbled and honoured to be considered a priest.

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