Days of lockdown: 24

Days until lockdown ends (theoretically): 12


That means that we’re 66.67% of the way there.


Tests conducted: 108,021

Positive cases: 3,034

Deaths: 52


That’s a mortality rate of 0.017%.


There’s a calculus to this pandemic and the way the authorities are handling it. It’s a numbers game.


Random numbers, random patterns, fun and games


The data plotted on a graph with ‘x’ and ‘y’ axes amounts to a curve. The curve must be flattened by social distancing. Not necessarily to save lives, but to save available hospital beds and medical care.


We all know these things.


The great Albert Einstein was credited with saying that ‘not everything that can be counted, counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.’


Craving fresh fruit


People are caring for one another. But equally, people are snitching on one another and using the pandemic as a pretext to settle social justice scores. That’s something you can’t plot on a graph or quantify with numbers.


Frequent coffee


Too many people killed by over-officious and zealous police and soldiers.


Human beings excluded from financial help because of their race.


The psychological cost of social isolation creeping unawares on ordinary people locked in their homes with the threat of fines and arrest.


The anxiety of people facing an abrupt halt to their ability to provide for their families.


The sun going down on Day 20, wishing it would go down on the lock-down


The virus is a numbers game but what the human condition means is that we bring to it the same ingredients that were there before, the stuff that is already baked into the cake. And the human condition (including my own) means that there are glimpses of things to be positive about, but truck loads of things to be negative about.


The family kettle getting a work-out


Only God’s working causes the equation to balance for the good.

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