No silent night in Berlin

A night of blood as countless times before. A Russian Ambassador gunned down in the back by a Turkish policeman, and according to the most recent reporting from Die Welt, A Pakistani Muslim refugee stealing a large truck with a load of metal from Poland and driving it to a Christmas market in Berlin and there mowing down scores of innocents. At latest count, 12 dead and 48 wounded.


The toll will likely rise.


And we are here again where we’ve been countless times before, so much so that without looking it up on the web, the pastiche of jihadist attacks morphs into a constant stream of current and overlapping recollections of what has happened. Information overload, because who can remember the individual attacks – there are too many.


I cannot help but be reminded of the Christmas song, ‘silent night’ (Stille nacht, heilige nacht in the original German), the words know to both sets of armies in opposition to each other in the trenches of France in WW1. In the midst of fighting, on a Christmas eve, they stop fighting because Christmas in near, and they sing as one, ‘silent night’.


Christian men, commanded by their mad political leaders to fight a war, yet have the inclination to mark a shared faith and stop fighting (compare this with the cease-fires in Syria that cannot happen) because it’s Christmas and the Saviour of the world is born.



But, no silent night in Berlin. Instead, the sounds of revving, crashes, screams of terror and cries for help, police sirens. Perhaps the ubiquitous sound in Europe now of the jihadist call to preface violence: Allahu Akbar.


Germany (and Europe in general) has largely abandoned its Christian heritage for secular humanism, however the citizens of Europe may be learning that Islam has imperialistic designs for the continent and that its leaders were foolish to allow a flood of ‘refugees’ who have not been raised with the impulse to assimilate but to insist that larger society change to suit them.


What’s to become of Christmas? Demographically, Europe has been in decline for some time, but the importation of large scale Islam will hasten the death of Europe. Within this awful context of post-Christian hopelessness and relentless encroachment by a conquering religion with violent tendencies that cannot be denied by those with the ability to reason, the people of Europe need to once again find that long ago evening and sing of the saviour that has been born and seek Him once again.


They need to do this to retain their homes and physical lives. Not the least because jihadists don’t differentiate between Christians and the rest of Europe who have become too comfortable and sophisticated for belief.


And if we can know anything from the Middle East which is finding its way to Europe by boat and train loads of ‘refugees’, we can know that Christians and their faith is not respected by Islam, merely tolerated at best.


They will never stop trying to make Christianity and Christian expression decrease and make Islam increase.

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