My First Post

Sean and I began this blog to bring glory to God. I am not a person that finds it easy to speak out and since doing my little test to discover my Spiritual Gifts I have found out this is so. I am a behind the scenes man, I do what we would call the grunt work and I love it. I don’t need recognition from anyone but God and even then I don’t need recognition, knowing that I am in some small way sowing into the Kingdom of God is enough.

I want this blog to be about Christian attitude and Christian themes. I want to let others know that being a Christian is one of the greatest things I could ever do. I am proud to call myself a follower of Christ. I struggle daily and I mean DAILY to be better and more in tune with Christ. Some days I feel down right low when I don’t do things right but I remember that I am still loved and still saved by the blood of Christ. Someone, JESUS CHRIST, died for me. I must admit it brings tears to my eyes that someone would do that for me.

I don’t have the way with words that my brother has. I read his words in his posts and from one sentence to the next I am moved between laughter and heartbreak. Sean says many things I would love to be able to say besides having any enviable knowledge of God’s word that I couldn’t hope to possess. For the way you say what you say Sean you are an absolute gem and mentor. I too have my skills and that is photography. My aim for this blog site is to continue in glorifying God. I would like to use my God given talents to capture images that reflect God’s glory in this broken world of ours, that show the way God moves amongst us his people. So my prayer is for God to open the doors (or a window, as mentioned in previous posts) that will allow me and Sean to show off God’s amazing grace in our world yes but starting off here in Cape Town where we believe his Grace it sometimes feels it is most needed.

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  1. Heartfelt post lad, write us something from Robbies, take a bunch of pictures of things, we’ll put it up…this is G-man reporting from Robbies 🙂

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