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My playlist in the vehicle keeps me going in the morning. My commute, when relatively free of the vehicular zombie hordes on the road, and including my playlist, is my most productive time of the day for thought and introspection.


The driver’s seat is my chapel.


The music is my choir.


The music and lyrics to Bethel’s ‘It is well’ bowl me over on this morning. I’m singing along:


‘Through it all

Through it all

My eyes are on You…’

Except I suddenly realise in the last few days, my eyes haven’t been on Him at all. I had been consulting Google about a set of facts but they were wrong.


Google can provide facts, but little context.


Emoogle (my emotions) can motivate for good or bad, but the signals are often murky and transitory.

Local tree prematurely suggesting that Spring is already here

The Bible is the only source of truth.


I recently begun starting off my prayers with: ‘I look to You’. I was supposed to have been but last week I was totally swayed by context-less information harvested from Google coupled with emotional troughs.


In realizing I wasn’t looking to Him, I started to look inward, disgusted, but also to Him after a sufficient time spent grovelling in self-pity (useless, but unavoidable). A Louie Giglio DVD message about the human body references the ability of our brain to filter out about 95% of the signals reaching our brain from the rest of the body. This is essential because there is a glut of signals and the brain prioritizes.


Similarly, our worldview is formed by the information we sample and taste and Google is easy and instantly accessible. Most often however, its agenda-driven and wrong. Looking to Him is counter-intuitive, but I reckon it involves consciously filtering out most of the internet and allowing His word a bit of time and space to change us.


For me, it doesn’t happen as often as it should, however I do endeavor to persevere.

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