Get thee a wife

‘Much ado About Nothing’ is one of my favourite comedies from the pen of William Shakespeare and concludes with the deliriously happy Benedick offering advice to Don Pedro: “Prince, thou art sad. Get thee a wife…get thee a wife!” (Act 5, Scene 4).


Pretty much everyone loves a happy ending and what’s better than a wedding, a union, a life of possibilities ahead.


On the occasion of our thirteenth anniversary, I think of my wife in view of the writer of Proverbs:


10 A truly good wife
is the most precious treasure
a man can find!”


I think of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, writing about how marriage is a mystery.


It’s not a mystery in the sense that you wonder how the guy got together with the girl in the first place. In our case, gradually.


It’s not a mystery in the sense that you wonder how they’ve stayed together this long. No idea, just blinked a few times and its now 13 years later.


It’s a mystery in that the bedrock, common, ordinary relationship that billions are familiar with expresses a meaning far greater than the obvious. And it’s been understood in this way only since Christ.


“Why did God design the world this way? Why two sexes, and why one male and the other female? Why one called to lead, provide, protect, and shoulder final responsibility, with the other called to actively receive, beautify, and strengthen humble initiative and care? Why a dance of two complementaries, rather than just two of the same?”


Not two of the same because husband and wife don’t have the same function as any other partnership on earth.


Not just to make babies, but to model, express and show the relationship between Christ and His church.


Paul rightly says that it is profound.


Now from the profound to the co-incidental…it was before I had even proposed, in 2006 we wandered into a music store and they handed us each a flier:

I don’t do omens, since it seems like taking things that are co-incidental and reading a conclusion into it that isn’t there. It was a cute coincidence, but we are called to live by faith in the revealed word of God and so I kept these fliers for fun, but I read Scripture for life.

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