Listening to music this morning by Tim Timmons, a track titled ‘You Remain’ and I know exactly what he’s signing about.


I’m a Believer and I’m supposed to press in to mysteries in Scripture, supposed to enter freely into worship whether singing in the car or amongst my brethren at church, supposed to listen for the still, small voice, supposed to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.


But then…


“…I take the wheel and everything starts falling apart. I start to wonder off the road that leads to your heart. Still there you are.”




How many times has He seen any of us – when He is in control – wrest the wheel from Him and go on a mess of a ride?


My thinking is like season 117 of an NCIS spinoff series, not counting the original.


I’m episodic: I fall apart in the middle of the episode, but He writes a satisfying ending to it where He has the wheel again. Until the next episode.


Such enduring grace on His part. As Tim Timmons titles his song in speaking about God: ‘You Remain’.


He remains, ready to take the wheel, ready to be God, ready to do it all over again with us.

One thought on “Episodic”

  1. I was reading on my Bible plan something along the same lines.
    About being on a journey and moving further away with every kilometer. Glad that towards the end of the episode/journey we can be brought back on track for a good ending

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