Clickbait versus prayer

Once upon a time, there was the steady, authoritative voice of Walter Cronkite, the most trusted name in America. A newsman trusted to be straight with the public.


How far we’ve fallen. With a business model that is obsessed with clickbait, disaster is great for the news biz. Hype, opening monologues dripping with hyperbole and emotion, punditry in place of detached reporting, a 24 hour cycle that looks for a breaking disaster at the top of every hour, there are few trusted names in news.


And the media just love the whole corona virus saga.


I’ve been guilty of letting them feed the paranoia and fear straight into my consciousness.


Not today. For the first time in perhaps a week, I prayed on the commute to work, lamenting the time not spent in Scripture. I currently have a streak of 54 in the YouVersion app.


As I prayed, an image emerged of a hungry Christian dipping his finger to the dinner plate for just a taste of Scripture, when a meal is ready for the eating. I’ve been feeding on a meal replacement diet of media generated hysteria and I feel sick of it.


Thinking of food, I remembered how prayer is like a fragrance in His nostrils. I like how the author of this article uses the morning aroma of coffee to introduce the idea of God’s children praying to him:


“like [my] coffee, it wasn’t simply the fragrance itself that pleased God, but what it represented: the constant prayers of his people.”


Coffee with a hand sanitizer chaser…for these Corona virus times


This morning my prayer was in part for dependence on Him, seeking peace in these crazy times, and salvation for those who don’t yet know Him.


A glance through social as well as mainstream media shows people looking out for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with prepping, but it’s too easy to skip town and skip past God.


I’m thinking of the poor people of Italy who have been so hard hit, and I’m thinking of Samaritan’s purse. While everyone is running to ground, these Christians are not drawing back from those in need. They’re going into the hot zone, having evaluated the risk, made a plan to minimize it and trusting the Father for the rest.


I can’t do what these folk are doing. They’re doctors and specialist, real life-savers. Perhaps we can all yet be His hands and feet to those who must surely be in need at this time.


Certainly, I need to pray more. It smells great.

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