As for me and my house

A lot of people put stock in the idea that things come in threes. Good things, bad things. I must confess that when twos happen, I expect a three.

Its not often that things truly happen in threes. This past week, the people of New Zealand experienced three earthquakes affecting their island, with the last measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale.

A cursory search of the internet seems to debunk the idea that things truly happen in threes.

Basically, as human beings we look for patterns to assign meaning to randomness. The term coined for this is apophenia. And you get the impression if we resort to this type of thing too often we stray into the realm of believing conspiracy theories. Or Bible codes with hidden meanings.

I’ll buy that.

But what are the odds that this past week, while navigating through the internet and social media, that I simply happened across the same verse? No less than three times. Precisely three times.

Random events may have synchronicity but no message. Bad things that happen in threes may make me feel unfortunate, or good things that happen in threes may make me feel fortunate.

The same verse three times is less likely to be randomness. But if it is, its still Scripture, all of which is God-breathed and useful.

I was strolling down memory lane with Carman songs and re-discovered one that I really liked: ‘Serve the Lord’.

Then I’m listening to this guy named Joshua Aaron, and he has a song about Joshua’s exhortation to Israel, to choose whom they will serve, but as for Joshua, he and his family are going to serve the Lord.

Really, I wasn’t looking specifically for this verse. And then I see on Instagram that Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett have just put out a song: ‘As for for me (and my house).’

Is this random? Just perhaps. On the other hand, there is nothing more fundamental than choosing as a family to serve the Lord.

And this week, we had an evening Bible study. And it was very good.

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