Ancient and Modern

I confess that I have not watched the wildly successful Avengers: Infinity War from Marvel. As of 3 May 2018, the cumulative worldwide gross stands at R905 million. Although I imagine I will see the movie at some time or another, merely considering the popularity of the movie and public reaction to it is instructive.


The salient point from the movie is that there is a galactic madman whom the Avengers have to band together to defeat, and his agenda is killing roughly half of the beings that populate the universe. It’s a type of judgement, although capricious and random, and carried out by some weird looking guy with purple skin.


I tend to look at a modern movie like this and view it through a prism that looks backwards to antiquity. If we assume that the events that are chronicled in Scripture are true – such as a global flood and a city being pummelled with artillery that consisted of fire and brimstone – then we may understand that even modern humans have a collective sense that perhaps judgement is past as well as pending.


It seems that we prefer a comic book version of judgement filled with fantasy and heroes and avoid consideration of what happened in the past.


What if the deluge and the events as chronicled in Genesis are not as far removed in the past as we think? What if the accounts are true? For me, ancient judgements are very relevant to today. I would argue even more relevant than 4 phases of around 20 movies based on comic books (as fun as that is to watch).


Creation science is very intriguing and not something that is broadly discussed unless you are a Discovery channel aficionado.   However it’s interesting to me that we generally do not take past judgement seriously, considering the evidence for it, whether a serious study of a site in Turkey near the Iran border believed to contain the remains of Noah’s vessel, or oddities near the Dead Sea in Israel that are chemically consistent with brimstone (sulphur):

Screenshot from Google Maps




Screenshot from Google (Noah’s ark site from shallow angle)


Screenshot from Google (Geological oddity named for Lot’s wife)

As modern people, it has occurred to me that we are remarkably incurious about where we came from or where we’re going, and simply live in the moment. Somewhere down the line of ancestry, separated by only a few thousand years, people lived and died, some of whom were subject to God’s judgement. And some who escaped it. Therein is a good lesson.


For the Christian, there is no condemnation:


For the Christian, God’s wrath is satisfied and we stand in grace. And it’s a rich history that we can point back to of people who listened to God, whether Noah or Moses or David. An examination of the past helps me to live in the here-and-now. It’s easy to get distracted by temporal issues and popular memes in 2018.


It’s better to consider the past and learn the lessons from it, trust the future to Him who is faithful, and live for Him in the present:

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