In a cabin on a windswept mountain top in the sticks outside McGregor, the wind blows incessantly in gusts that evoke a great lung. The only respite is indoors.

I don’t normally do selfies, but the view was so good this time.

The sun stabs the eyes as it peeks over the near horizon and the shadows are stark.


A person can easily wonder what it may have been like on top of Mount Horeb when Moses ascended to meet with G-d.


It feels like danger is ever present, getting to this remote place on winding roads, the hiking trails that creep close to an edge.

Long way down

Perhaps it is the proximity to sudden death that focuses the mind on staying alive by being careful.

So remote, feels like the rest of the world is far away

One thing Moses did not have to concern himself with is kids on the mountain with him. Not having to worry about kids  on a mountain would make it 70 times easier  to quiet the mind and get in touch with G-d.


Connectivity to a network is unreliable,  the cares of Washington D.C.,  New York, the goings on in a Saudi consulate in Turkey don’t flood the device. Its more of a trickle.

View from my ‘office’

Without a television set, you sort of have to look at the mountains all around. Without meaning to, your thoughts do tend to vector upward:

G-d who made the mountains, but for whom the mountains are not at all intimidating.

Beautiful sunset

First thing on this Saturday morning I  have my devotion and the Writer is asking questions:

From a spiritual standpoint,  what are you hungry for? I’m hungry for my existence to have significance within the Kingdom. I’m hungry to find G-d in the situations where I wouldn’t ordinarily be looking for Him, or even receptive to Him.

Do you think G-d is able to fill that hunger daily? The question presumes the answer. Of course He can. Its apparent that I will always be the weak link. I have an intention to connect with G-d as I traverse the parking lot at work, and then before I realise it its 15h00 and the working day is drawing to a close. Where did all the thinking about G-d go?

Why is it important to read G-d’s word daily? Without it,  our souls would be starving.

Morning on the mountain

My eyes keep on running over the contours of the mountains before me, like my tongue runs over my teeth to check the dental geography. The giant lung starts up again after 20 minutes of relative peace before. Looking at the mountains, I feel small, as I should.

Everywhere you go, just rocks

And I realise He is very big.


Oktober is die mooiste maand

If we were in Pretoria, October would be described in a poem by C. Louis Leipoldt as the prettiest month of the year, “die mooiste maand”.


The second month of spring, flowers would be in bloom and South Africa’s capital city would be full of colour.


For those with sensitive noses and hay fever, October in Pretoria would probably not be the most awesome time of the year.


October saw the 1917 revolution in Russia, led by Vladimir Lenin which was ultimately responsible for untold human misery and suffering. Not all seeds bloom into something good.


The idea of a seed germinating and sprouting into a mature plant is in keeping with a phrase in prayer that has emerged lately as I seek Him: that He would send out workers into the harvest field. The harvest field is out there and the fields are ripe for harvest, souls that are ready to believe in Him.


In the U.S. this past month, I have closely followed the Senate confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh and it all came to a dramatic conclusion last Saturday with a narrow vote to confirm. In the Twitterverse, everyone was talking about it.


At the same time this was happening, Franklin Graham was in Monterey, Mexico holding a rally and sending out an invitation to the unsaved.


I would guess very few were paying attention. All eyes were on Washington D.C. And yet, this was where the action was really happening.


It is proper for the Believer to pray for all those in authority who rule over him or her, whether in the legislative, executive or judiciary:


“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” (1 Timothy 2:1 – 2, NIV)


This is a matter of being able to live in peace, on earth. Of more importance however are eternal concerns, and Franklin Graham was right in the thick of it:


“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:38, NIV).

A brewski for the good judge

I was backing Justice Kavanaugh – I thought he was sand-bagged pretty badly by the Democrats, and I just don’t buy that he did what he was accused of. The truth, whatever it may be, always comes out.


However in church on Sunday following the Senate vote, I was reminded that the Supreme Court and the constitution – of any country – is a temporary thing in the light of eternity.


I watched the protesting mobs wailing like banshees and howling like lunatics, a picture for me of people who seek a judge to rule the way they want. Boy, would they be surprised on meeting the absolute Judge.


Our Judge is also the architect of our salvation, something for which we will be eternally grateful.